Yesterday, during the outdoor session of JKA Manila, we were training on the “relaxed and loose” reverse punch as being described here in Solo Keiko’s article. As a warm up, we were trying to swing a baseball bat while allowing the force of the leg to build momentum for the swing. The leg should move in the way it bends, pushes, then locks when you throw the gyaku zuki (reverse punch). In Solo Keiko’s article, he provides more practical insight on why this is relevant.

Solo Keiko

“Sporting é merda!” I do not remember why my friend shouted this insult at the small renault that passed us that night. What I do remember is the car screeching to a halt and four, impossibly large men jumping out. For those of you unfamiliar with European football (soccer), Sporting is a Portuguese team based in Lisbon. I spent my high school years in Portugal, just outside the capital city, and my friends and I were (are) all avid Benfica fans (a rival team in the area). A little context never hurts a good story.

There were at least four of us out that night but this is years before I began martial arts and, as a group, we were not cut out for a fight. So, we chose another option; we ran. Really ran! The men started to give chase but decided to use their car instead. The time…

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