Is Manny Pacquiao done?

Is this the case through the eyes of Pacman fans and the boxing public? I was reading about an article that appeared on the boxing section of Bleacher Report talking about how to rebuild Manny Pacquiao’s legacy. Of course this comes from the context that Pacman’s stature in the boxing world and as a global idol has diminished as a result of his past two losses.

As I go through it, I thought about other things that the author may not have noticed – Pacman’s entrance song. It is something that fans around the world may have not noticed really but I feel that he has the worst entrance song a boxer can have. So what entrance songs does he use? If not some forgettable sound track, Manny uses his songs. Lyrically and musicianship wise, they’re not very good. They are comparable to TV commercial jingles that are meant to be novelty songs for the masses. That’s what you probably get for hanging out too much with Lito Camo.

And then I thought about his entourage. And then I thought about his past opponents’ enoturage. Take Ricky Hatton for example. In one of the Hitman’s fights, the Gallagher brothers, Liam and Noel, walked him up the ring holding his world championship belts for him.

And then I thought about a solution that can no longer be done for the Pacman.


What I would love to see would be for him to get Francis M from the grave and make him lead the entourage while singing Three Stars and a Sun. Of course this can never happen since the passing away of the great Francis Magalona. However, it would have been perfect. Why? Because of three reasons:

1. Three Stars and a Sun has excellent lyrics. It is both poetic and patriotically kick ass. It can invoke the kind of patriotic inspiration for the Filipino people.

2.  This song is written in english. Given its well written lyrics plus excellent beat that would make you bob your head while listening to it, it will connect to the rest of the world. It can be appreciated by the global audience and inspire other people, aside from Manny’s co-Filipinos, to rally to his side.

3. Francis M is one hell of a performer. His presence is undeniable and his charisma would almost match Manny. It’s going to be one of the best processions to the ring ever.

But this will not happen. So I think I have to be content with one of the better entrance songs from the Pacman’s record collection.

Eye of the Tiger. At least I wouldn’t complain.


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