We had a picnic over the weekend. We did it at the University of the Philippines grounds.

It was a different type of picnic. The Karate Vs. Cheeseburger gang had a blast chomping off the cheese. We had a three hour workout and we finished at 830 in the evening. We loved every cheese chomping and splatter coming off our sweat.


I like the part where we specifically practiced the explosiveness of our stances. You have train it so you lunge quicker so your execution is deadlier. The key is to train your leg muscles so that your back leg clips back to your lead leg. Normally this first movement is the tough thing to execute in an explosive quick way. The rest of the way moving forward is easier. Check out our back stance training in this vid.

The next vid is for the forward stance.

And that’s how we chomp our cheese in the outdoors. See you next weekend.

No need to bring your gis.


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