And we have a new champion for the 2013 Season of the NBA!

For the past 5 days, it was like a ring that doesn’t stop in my ear. And the ring was telling me to write about an observation on one of the best basketball players of this generation, LeBron James.

You see, it’s one thing that we were treated to a spectacular series that ended with a down the wire game 7. And it’s one thing to see an athlete who seem to have transformed into a hero in the series. What did I see?

I saw a star falter in game 1. The game was supposed to be Miami’s. But that incredible play of Tony Parker, going down on his knees, not losing the ball and being able to shoot the basket would go down the books as one of the legendary plays ever. Lebron was right in front of Parker and he made a huge mistake. He jumped when he should have just stood in front of this guy who was half a foot shorter and probably a foot narrower. He faltered.

And that was the story in the series until game 6.

Toward the end of game 6, the crucial steals and three point attempts of Lebron (where he made only one), was magical. It was able to connect. There we see a basketball star struggling to extend the series to one more game. The man was fighting to survive. And in that game that boy LeBron probably became a man. He was responsible for his team. This was the same player, who in the past was widely criticized for not having the guts to take the ball and shoot at the end when it is a matter of life and death.  He couldn’t take the responsibility. Game 6 was totally different. Those steals and three point attempts shows a man who was also probably scared (scared of losing or scared of not being able to deliver when he had to) but he decided to take charge. He was probably scared but he was definitely brave and it paid off. Of course when you work hard, the luckier you are gonna get. And luck was in the name of a team mate named Ray Allen.

This game and LeBron was also a confirmation of what it meant to have courage. It is not the absence of fear but the recognition that leads you to action when you see that there are things more important than fear itself.

Moving on to Game 7. We all know what happened. But it was just an epic ending to what transpired in game 6. After transforming to be the man for the Miami Heat. The result of the series turned him a hero. He proved that the previous year was not a fluke and that he could deliver when it mattered the most.

 heat 3


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