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Hello Karate Buddy,

First thing we would like you to know is that by WE when we say “who WE are”, that includes you. You are welcome and you are part of this community. Hooray!

Now that we have that smile on your face, we’d like you to know that this page is dedicated to the Karate we love. Every Karate fan is welcome, regardless of affiliation, style or country. We’d love to hear from you and share stories with you.

As a community of fun loving people who spend our free time working out and maximizing our heartbeat, we love the sweat and we don’t care whether it’s outdoor or indoor. We find ways to work it up.

Initially, dojo mates at Japan Karate Association in Manila, we have grown to include karatekas from different groups. We are not just friends outside the dojo, but a group that passionately pursues physical fitness, health and wellness.

Together let us chomp down that cheese 😀

Do you want to work out a sweat and enjoy your cheeseburger at the same time? Get in touch with us by sending us a message below.


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