Oh yes brothas and sistahs!

We love burgers. Cheeseburgers to be specific.

And we will tell you why.

There are things we like and things we don’t. On the side of likes, we like challenges and we admire people who embrace them and overcome them. Challenges are part of life and they make you better people. There was a guy in the 70s that made it big more tha what everyone thought he would. To achieve what he has, he had to go through a lot of cheeseburgers. By this, I don’t mean he became so fat and got BIG in the literal sense. He had a lot of cheeseburgers because he had to endure so much to get his immortal place in history. His name was Bruce Lee.

The cheesburger loving Mr. LeeOf course he is probably one of the most iconic figures in the world today (and that includes his yellow spandex with black stripe on the side) and you are probably aware of what he has accomplished. You know, all the timeless blockbuster movies he was able to produce, being father of MMA, creating his own martial arts and establishing a global legion of followers that grow up to today.

Again, he had cheeseburgers. And these were serious adversities he had to overcome. I’ll cite one example. As we all know he went to the United States from Hong Kong find his fortune there.    After some years what has he accomplished? He became the biggest action star that was not a westerner. At that time, this was such a feat. Considering the biases of the western world during that time, this was almost impossible.

As you can see, there was a gigantic cheeseburger in front of him and he chomped it all up. And he battled all the calorie it had to offer. His body was still ripped and I don’t remember ever seeing him with a fat belly.

And so we love it. Don’t be surprised if we feature some nice burger places here every now and then.

Chomp that cheese!

by Mohawk Diego


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